"the perfect balance of composed and candid"

"The work is stunning, the perfect balance of composed and candid. So many photos stand on their own as works of art, never mind the fact that they're from the wedding. Throughout the process, AJ was caring, insightful, and of course professional, dealing with the mayhem of wedding planning and day-of execution (not to mention family dynamics) with aplomb. I'd like to balance this with some constructive criticism, but I have none."

"AJ prioritizes the experience of the couple and her own impeccable artistic vision"

“Deciding to work with AJ as our photographer was hands down one of the best choices my husband and I made while planning our wedding. AJ is an amazingly talented photographer who prioritizes the experience of the couple and her own impeccable artistic vision waaaay above any kind of cookie-cutter idea of what wedding photography is expected to look like. Her shots are unique; she captures moments of stress, mess, excitement, quiet, and joy. The perspectives and angles she finds are interesting and unexpected, and I'm still not sure what magic she used to be able to photograph close-up and intimate moments while being totally inconspicuous.”


“AJ was the first decision we made after deciding to get married, and we never second guessed that decision. Her keen eye for candid moments, and use of film made all of our photos seem alive and bright. She made us feel comfortable while shooting, making all of our photos more genuine, and less awkward or posed. Her attention to detail really captured all aspects of our wedding that we wanted. She captured the joy and happiness of the day, like no other wedding photographer I have seen. She truly exceeded our expectations.”


"artful, candid and chock full of emotion"

AJ photographed both our city hall and wedding day in October this year and MAN do I have nothing but glowing things to say about her. From the very start she was rigorous, got to know us and took the time to really listen to our vision, totally got it and delivered some absolutely beautiful, timeless photos. She has a wonderful eye, a real talent for timing and getting “that shot” and was just easy and brilliant to work with. I want to get married again just to have more photos by her. The perfect combination of artful, candid and chock full of emotion. Thank you AJ!


"These photos mean everything to us."

The best decision we made in planning our wedding was working with AJ. We knew from the moment we saw her website that we could completely trust her vision. These photos mean everything to us.

"she really took the time to figure out what we were looking for in our photography"


AJ was incredible to work with for our wedding. We were overwhelmed with how great the photos are — we can't really express how happy we are with how everything turned out. She got incredible coverage of us getting ready, the details of the event, and of so many of our friends and family. But most importantly, she really took the time to figure out what we were looking for in our photography, and did an incredible job of turning that into reality. AJ was also a great person to have around during the chaotic and sometimes-stressful madness of a wedding; she was a calming force, a family-photo-wrangler, and a superb couples photographer.


"The finished product is something we brag about to all of our friends and family"

She was so attentive in learning what was important to us and what we didn’t care about. Our meetings were full of smiles and laughter and helped melt the pre-wedding stress away. On the day of the wedding, AJ handled our extremely large immediate families so professionally during the family pictures. There wasn’t a moment where any of our photos felt forced or awkward. During the ceremony and reception, she was always blending in with the crowd and capturing every natural moment. At no point during the day did you feel the camera lens in your face provoking an awkward smile. The finished product is something we brag about to all of our friends and family. Each picture was stunning. The photos are so natural and the colors are so vibrant. AJ really cares about capturing the REAL moments and not the typical forced wedding photos.