Curiosity is my endless fuel. I hold onto a deep appreciation for the oddness, nuances and humor of life and believe in savoring our experiences, big and small. Photography has become the medium I enjoy exploring this with.

And while I never planned on becoming a wedding photographer, after discovering that weddings have so much more to offer than just table settings, dresses, and rings (an obvious, yet somehow unexpected revelation), I can't imagine a more perfect setting where so much of life coalesces all at once.

With the promise to myself and my couples, to not get pulled into the monotonous visual lull of the industry, I've found no shortage of magic. I've discovered that being a part of such dynamic days, with brilliant people and my cameras in hand, is a unique kind of joy for me; that weddings offer the rare opportunity to blend so many different aspects of photography that I love, and that these gatherings are a kind of portal to marveling in the beautiful, awkward, chaotic, dreamy, humorous, meaningful, spontaneous and romantic nature of people, relationships, and life.

Each gathering I photograph is approached free of assumptions and expectations. My aim is that each of my couples sees their dynamic selves and loved ones in their photographs and that the energy of this incredible life shift is captured uniquely for them.