Hi I'm AJ,

an NYC based, film photographer.

I have a reliable level of curiosity, deep appreciation for the bizarreness of life and believe in savoring our experiences, big and small. I spent my high school years discovering that archiving these experiences is my greatest joy, and in a fit of inspiration spent the better part of those years in the darkroom I built in a closet in my parent's basement; developing and printing photographs of my family, best friends, and travels. I’ve had a pile of cameras at hand for anything and everything ever since.

I never planned on becoming a wedding photographer...

Photographing weddings began as an experiment, on a whim. I was thrilled to quickly discover that weddings have much more to offer than just table settings, dresses, and rings. It was an obvious, yet unexpected revelation; one hard to come by when looking through most wedding photography.

So, I committed to myself that I would do this differently. I wouldn't get stuck in the monotonous visual lull that I can bet you also have an aversion to. With this commitment, I've found no shortage of magic. I've discovered that being a part of such energetic days, with brilliant people and my cameras in hand, is a unique kind of joy for me; that weddings offer the rare opportunity to blend portrait, photojournalism, and editorial photography in a way that I may never get sick of; and that, at the core of it all, extending my love of archiving experiences to everyone I work with is quite possibly the best thing I can do with it.

Favorite Photographers:

(to name a few)

Martin Parr

Nadine Ijewere

Tom Craig
Francois Halard

Eadweard Muybridge

Mike Brodie

Sally Mann

Aside from having a camera in hand...

I'm a tea enthusiast, avid meditator, enjoy exploring NYC or a weekend immersed in nature, am always chipping away at archiving years of unruly kept piles of film, or just simply enjoy spending time with my partner Ronen, who I adore beyond reason.

Kind Words


"the perfect balance of composed and candid"

The work is stunning, the perfect balance of composed and candid. So many photos stand on their own as works of art, never mind the fact that they are from the wedding. Throughout the process, AJ was caring, insightful, and of course professional, dealing with the mayhem of wedding planning and day-of execution (not to mention family dynamics) with aplomb. I'd like to balance this with some constructive criticism, but I have none.